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Independence Village

Mission Statement

The Business Department at the Independence Junior College is committed to excellence in the preparation of its students for service in the community and in the world of business. We seek to develop out students in the field of Business Management, Accounting, Economics and Tourism, with the aim that those who choose to continue their studies will have a sound foundation to build on, while those who enter the world of work will be a master in the field of their choice.


The aim of our Business Department is to provide our students with a sound business education which will provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to satisfy the demands of the Belizean Business Community while distinguishing them as inspired leaders in their work organizations and in their communities.


Provide students with the principles, techniques and knowledge necessary to cope with the changing business environment.

  • Produce well-educated graduates who are prepared for careers in business, and who have demonstrated a mastery of the learning goals outlined for the Business Management, Accounting, Economics and Tourism programs.
  • Devoted to excellence in teaching, and will encourage and reward excellence in teaching and providing effective instructional resources.
  • Establish and maintain a curriculum that is innovative and responsive to the needs of the global business.
  • Provide facilities and technology that are necessary to support effective teaching strategies.
Products for Marketing Fair
Products for Marketing Fair