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As well as course-specific pre-requisites, every student should have:

  • Successfully completed high school;
  • Taken CSEC General Proficiency Level English Language and Mathematics;
  • Taken the Association of Tertiary Level Institution of Belize (ATLIB) Placement Test;

 Consideration may be given to applicants who have:

    • presented credentials showing strong upward trend in high school grades;
    • shown participation in extracurricular or community activities;
    • maintained at least an average of B, especially in English and their major(s) from the previous institution
    • good moral standings;
    • worked in a recognized and accepted profession thus having sufficient experience to warrant acceptance into a program

 NOTE: Persons not enrolled in formal schooling within the past four (4) years will be required to attend Remedial Math and English classes, and/or Remedial Accounting or Remedial Chemistry.


Students who have attended another recognized tertiary level institution within the last four years may apply for credits to be transferred to Independence Junior College.  Such students must meet our requirements and ensure that their official transcript is received within the given deadline for application for admission.

Transfer of credits applies only to courses in which a C or a higher grade was achieved.  A maximum of thirty three (33) credits is accepted towards an Associate Degree.