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Students who have attended another recognized tertiary level institution within the last four years may apply for credits to be transferred to Independence Junior College. Such students must meet our requirements and ensure that their official transcript is received within the given deadline for application for admission.

Transfer of credits applies only to courses in which a C or a higher grade was achieved. A maximum of thirty three (33) credits is accepted towards an Associate Degree.


All students are expected to participate in an orientation program at the beginning of each school year at Independence Junior College. January intakes will be expected to attend an orientation at the start of their first semester.

During this program, the student will be introduced to a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities through which they will be able to make their stay at Independence Junior College a happy and fruitful experience.

New students will meet teaching staff, advisors and their second year colleagues.


The assembly period is the period where the student will be given the privilege to know the general information of the institution via promotion, announcements and presentations from members of the institution and the public. The period is set as one where each lecturer and student will be expected to participate. It is compulsory that each member of the institution, “IJC” attend.

An assembly card will be distributed to each student, who will then be required to ensure that the card is signed by their advisor at the end of each assembly session.  If the card is lost/damaged a replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged.  Students may be excused from one assembly per semester.  Thereafter, every one assembly absence will lead to two additional hours of institutional service.