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Each academic department has its own counseling services to which any student in the department can avail him/herself.  Furthermore, each student shall be assigned a program advisor who will be available to provide continuing guidance and support to the student.

Academic advising at the Junior College is intended to help the student stay on track in the program in which they have been admitted and provide ongoing help in the transition from secondary school to Junior College.  Students entering IJC have been encouraged to study the academic programs to which they have been admitted. Official academic advising will begin during Orientation (normally before the start of classes), when students are assigned to advisors who explain the details of the program of study, course sequences, and registration procedures.  First year students are assigned an advisor, normally a faculty member from within the program to which he/she has been admitted.  The advisor will help students select courses each semester that will lead to the students’ fulfilling all the requirements for the Associate Degree in their chosen program for graduation.

Students are expected to confer with their advisors regularly during the semester.  Mid-semester reports are distributed via the academic advisors, which gives the advisor an opportunity to discuss the student’s academic performance and any problems the student may be having. Advisors have access to student’s academic records in the registrar’s office and are expected to keep close watch over the advisee’s progress, to assist them in making prudent judgments, and to recommend measures e.g. adjustment in their course load and course selection which will help them successfully complete their academic program. In some cases if a student is not performing satisfactorily in his/her program of studies, an advisor may recommend a change in major to the Academic Dean.  At the time of registration, the advisors must approve the student’s semester course selections by signing the registration form.

Note: Although advisors assist in drawing up class schedules and checking for completion of General Core, Professional and Support Core/Electives (if applicable) requirements, it is the student who has the final responsibility of fulfilling the academic requirements set forth in this catalogue and elsewhere in the college publications and notices.