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A student/parent has the right to lodge a grievance against a fellow student and or member of staff/faculty.

  • The grievance must be submitted as a formal written grievance to the Assistant Dean.
  • The Assistant Dean will then collect all relevant information within 10 school days for submission to the Grievance Committee.
  • The Grievance Committee through the Office of Assistant Dean will inform the person of proceedings to be initiated against them within 10 school days upon receipt of material from the Office of the Assistant Dean.  The individual may be required to meet the Grievance Committee to defend himself/herself and is entitled to a minimum of one witness to speak on his/her behalf.
  • The Grievance Committee will deliberate and the decision will be conveyed to the individual within 5 school days after the person has been informed about the initiation of Grievance action proceedings. The proceedings will be documented and placed on the individual’s file.

The Grievance Committee is comprised of: Dean, Assistant Dean, the Head of the Programme of the individual against whom action is being taken and/or 2 other Heads of Programme.

  • The decisions of the Grievance Committee may be appealed to the Board of Management via submission of a formal request to the Secretary of the Board of Management.