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Mission Statement

The mission of the Science Program at Independence Junior College is to offer students with refined knowledge of the Sciences, specifically Agribusiness, Biology, Mathematics, Natural Resources Management and Information Technology and to assist them to develop and create new skills with the use of the appropriate and modern technology to meet the requirements of an ever-changing society.


The vision of our Science Program is to promote critical thinking using the scientific method with the assistance and guidance of research, investigations and service in order to be well rounded and contributory citizens of their various communities, and on a whole, Belize.


  • Foster positive attitudes, values and commitment to identifying, solving and preventing scientific problems.
  • Increase the understanding of how the world works with the knowledge between the interaction of people and the environment.
  • Develop the ability to identify critical research questions and formulate hypotheses.
  • Prepare students for higher learning within Belize, the Caribbean and the international community.
  • Develop students with the capacity to seek and search for truth so as to promote effective members of the junior college’s community and in the society as a whole.
  • Cultivate people who have sufficient knowledge, care and practical competence to live in a suitable world.
Students making a stand to save the Hicatees - BFREE Belize
Student observing microinverts